Action Plan to Expand Apprenticeship &Traineeship in Ireland 2016-2020

31 January 2017 

Through the National Skills Strategy 2025, the Action Plan for Education 2016-2018 and as

part of the current Programme for Government, Ireland aims to significantly grow workbased

learning over the coming five years using the apprenticeship and traineeship modes of

learning and skills development. Throughout the world there is evidence of the positive

impact of learning which is closely linked to the workplace. Employers can access a pipeline

of talent and learners, whether as prospective or actual employees, develop cutting edge

skills and knowledge on-the-job, making them more skilled, more employable and with

enhanced career options.

To excel in the global competition for talent many developed countries are now investing in

work-based learning. Ireland has a strong reputation internationally for its education and

training system and an excellent track record in work-based modes that include

apprenticeship and traineeship.

Through this action plan Ireland aims to establish work-based learning as a core contributor to

our growth as a society and economy.   A link to the plan is available here: