NESC Publish Paper on Approaches to Transition

1 May 2020 

The National Economic and Social Council (NESC) publish a paper on The Approaches to Transition

  • The paper is part of the NESC work on transitions and looks in particular at how transitions are approached elsewhere and the range of perspectives at play.
  • The paper reviews the practical tools and conceptual approaches being used to support transition, with particular focus on international experience in managing downside risks that disproportionately affect specific cohorts of workers or communities. It provides  an improved understanding of the practical ways and strategies that support and build resilience for those most challenged by Ireland’s low-carbon and digital transitions.
  • There is considerable research and policy interest in this area, with governments seeking to both protect against risks and maximise economic and social opportunities. No single approach or blueprint exists in managing transitions at the scale, speed and complexity that they are bringing already.

Download the full paper here