Midlands Regional Skills Forum Advanced Manufacturing Survey



As part of the recently launched Midlands Advanced Manufacturing Plan, the Midlands Regional Skills Forum (MRSF) and its education and training partners have developed an Advanced Manufacturing Survey designed to identify skills needs and levels of upskilling required to ensure alignment among training providers, regional employers, and supporting agencies. The survey seeks your views in several areas including current critical vacancies, future skills needs, and the development of curricula to ensure the provision of high quality and sustainable education and training. 

 Your feedback counts. Your responses will help identify skills needs in the areas of advanced and sustainable manufacturing while ensuring alignment with research, skills development, and training. Along with feedback from other employers, it will provide data that assists the MRSF, the Advanced Technologies in Manfacturing cluster (ATiM), ETBs, and Skillnet Ireland in the development and provision of the most relevant education and training needed by employers in the Midlands region.

 Participation in this survey is highly valued, but voluntary. Please note that your response is private and confidential. Individual respondents will not be identified in any data or reports. Survey responses will not be linked with other administrative records. You are free to withdraw consent at any time. We will fully protect your anonymity and the confidentiality of your responses in accordance with GDPR guidelines.

The survey takes only 5 minutes to complete.


If you have any questions about this survey or would like further information, please contact us. We wish you all the best in your work and future training experiences, 

  John Costello      Midlands Regional Skills Forum      T: – 085 804 8325      E: – jcostello@regionalskills.ie 


Midlands Regional Skills Forum at the Forefront in Helping Local Midlands Manufacturers Navigate a Successful Digital Transformation Journey


The Midlands Regional Skills Forum and its education and training partners are developing programmes and initiatives designed to support Midlands Manufacturers at all stages throughout the process of evolution towards new business models in the realm of Digital Transformation. The Midlands Skills Forum has already helped many local companies begin their Digital Transformation journeys.

The EXPLORE PROGRAMME is a simple and fully-funded way to help your company grow towards Digital Transformation and exciting new business applications that are both cost-saving and revenue-producing.