How to Register for the Apprenticeship Employer Grant

31 January 2022 

The Apprenticeship Employer Grant provides financial support from the State to apprenticeship employers who employ apprentices on one of the 37 apprenticeships which have been established since 2016 and which do not attract payment of off-the-job training allowances.

New apprenticeships introduced in 2022 and subsequent years will be included in the grant scheme.

Apprenticeship employers are eligible to receive a €2,000 grant annually for each registered apprentice, effective from 01 January 2022. This includes apprentices who were registered 2019-2021 and who continue in employment as of 01 January 2022.

  • The grant will be paid in arrears in 2 payments annually, with €1,000 payable in May-June and a further €1,000 in November-December.
  • For 2-year apprenticeships, a further annual payment of €2,000 will be payable in 2023, again with two payments of €1,000 in arrears.
  • For 3-year apprenticeships, employers will be eligible for a further €2,000 per apprentice in 2024.

Full details on the grant and how to register can be found here