Lifelong Learning Rates in Ireland Q4 2019

24 June 2020 

The SOLAS Labour Market Research Unit (SLMRU) have published their latest report on the numbers participating in upskilling and or reskilling programmes on data up to Q4 2019 and compared the latest figures with previous years.

The report states that a total of 381,000 up 46,700 year on year from 2018 are now engaged in some form of training or upskilling learning programme respresnting 14.7% compared to 13% of the adult population in 2018. 

Lifelong learning plays an important role in a range of policy areas, including well-being, active citizenship, health and employment, among others (Aontas1 ). In particular, due of the rapid pace of change in the world of work, continued skills development amongst those in employment is seen as increasingly critical to aligning the skills of Ireland’s workforce with the skills needs of the economy and ensuring that individuals remain employable in good quality, sustainable jobs

The recent growth in the number of lifelong learning participants reflects the Government’s increased focus on work-place learning (e.g. National Skills Strategy: DES). Greater engagement between employers and education providers, facilitated for example by the Regional Skills Fora,

The report can be read in full