Mid-West Response Upskilling Report

21 July 2020 

The future of work is about industry 40, Automation, Digitilisation, Climate Change and even pandemics. Above all these factors however the future of work is about Public-Private Partnership. Government and business working together to meet future skill needs.

The Mid-West Response Group was led by industry and employers seeking upskilling opportunities for their employees many of whom would not return to their jobs primarily in Hospitality and Retail. The numbers participating in terms of employers, education and training providers and above all employees who where unsure of what career or job would be available reflected the spirit of collaboration across the Mid-West.

Statutory agencies, Local Authorities, Local Enterprise Boards supported in every way possible towards ensuring that those employees looking for the opportunity to reskill would succeed. Education and Training providers moved courses online, modified courses for specific sectors and provided career guidance mentoring to those in need. Some working groups will continue to meet and explore new employment pathways and talent development programmes.

The results demonstrate that much can be achieved when there is a willingness and determination from all stakeholders. The report can be read in full here