New report published on Artificial Intelligence Skills Needs

23 June 2022 

The Expert Group on Future Skills Needs has today published A Preliminary Assessment of the Skills Needed for the Deployment, Management and Regulation of Artificial Intelligence in Ireland.

This report outlines the skills needed for Ireland to fully benefit from the opportunities presented by Artificial Intelligence.

The report finds that AI is not likely to bring about a net loss of jobs, but it will replace certain tasks within many jobs over time. Thus, there is a need for both organisations and individuals to identify where AI will impact their job or their sector and prepare by seeking out the necessary education and training.

The main findings from the report are:

  1. Artificial Intelligence is described as a general-purpose technology and so will have impacts across a broad range of sectors in the economy. Net job losses are not expected as a result of the adoption of AI, but many jobs will change as certain tasks are taken over by AI. AI has the potential to bring substantial productivity increases. A broad range of skills is needed to ensure that this is realised in practice.
  2. AI Skills should not be seen as only relevant to AI developers and experts. Everyone will need some knowledge and understanding of AI and its implications. For example, public sector employees may need to procure or regulate AI systems. Members of the general public need to know how to interact confidently with AI systems online. Teachers and educators will need to be prepared to impart the necessary knowledge so that everyone else will be well prepared.
  3. Digital skills are the foundation of a knowledge of AI.  Everyone is encouraged to participate in lifelong learning to ensure that they are ready for, and benefit from, technological change. Organisations, both public and private sector, should identify where AI will be relevant for them and ensure that their staff receive the training they need.

The full report can be found here