Spring Skills Bulletin 2021

25 March 2021 

Skills Mismatch in Irelands Labour Market

Research undertaken by the SLMRU in Summer 2020 found that of the almost 900,000 workers who held level 8-10 qualifications in Ireland, more than a quarter were employed in low and medium skilled occupations, highlighting the issue of a possible misalignment, in terms of number and/or field, of third level graduates in
the labour market.

This paper further explores the issue of over-qualification amongst workers in Ireland, with a focus on clerical workers since they represent a significant share of the Irish workforce (about 10%). It also examines the extent to which employers require third level graduates to fill clerical roles. At 85%, elementary occupations have the highest share of persons employed who are classified as overqualified. This is inevitable for Ireland, as the ILO’s classification considers anyone in an elementary
occupation with more than a primary qualification as over-qualified. However, there have been considerable advancements in the educational attainment of Ireland’s workforce over the last 15 years.

The report can be read in full here Spring Skills Bulletin 2021.pdf (size 1.5 MB)