Grow Digital Event 14th July

The Grow Digital Fund 2022-2026 was recently launched by the Department of Trade, Enterprise and Employment.

5 July 2022 

AI Skills Report - EGFSN

AI Skills: A Preliminary Assessment of the Skills Needed for the Deployment, Management and Regulation of Artificial Intelligence

23 June 2022 

Springboard 2022

10,697 places on 275 courses announced

8 June 2022 

Minister Harris launches Impact 2030

Ireland’s Research and Innovation Strategy

19 May 2022 

Shifting Sands - Irish Labour Market Report

Report conducted by the Skills and Labour Market Research Unit (SLMRU) in SOLAS

10 May 2022 

Gender-Based bursary for Apprenticeship Employers announced

Bursary introduced as part of National Action Plan for Apprenticeships 2021 - 2025

21 April 2022 

National Skills Council holds extraordinary meeting with the OECD

2 day event is the first in a series of structured events this year which will see key stakeholders examine the ongoing OECD Skills Strategy

8 March 2022 

Post-Brexit Support for SMEs

11 million awarded to Skillnet to support support small and medium businesses post-brexit

3 March 2022 

Future Cast - Collaboration with BIM Webinar Series

Free upcoming webinar series on BIM

25 February 2022 

TechAlive initiative launched by MSLETB

Tech Apprenticeships in Software Development, Network Engineering and Cyber Security

23 February 2022 

€430 million in new capital programmes for FET sectors

The beginning of an ambitious new phase of capital investment in the further and higher education sectors

14 February 2022 

Harnessing Digital – The Digital Ireland Framework

The Digital Ireland Framework will drive and enable the digital transition across the Irish economy and society

9 February 2022 

Partnership for Skills - Border Region

The Border accounts for 8% of employment in Ireland (196,700 persons)

8 February 2022 

Apprenticeship Employer Grant 2022

Grant being introduced as part of the National Action Plan for Apprenticeship 2021-2025

1 February 2022 

Difficult to Fill Vacancies - Survey Published

Report conducted by the Skills and Labour Market Research Unit (SLMRU) in SOLAS

18 January 2022 

17 new Apprenticeship Programmes to be developed in 2022

Under the Action Plan for Apprenticeships, the number of new apprentice registrations is to grow to 10,000 per year by 2025

11 January 2022 

New €2,000 support for Apprenticeship Employers

This is the first time that financial support has been extended to apprentice employers.

21 December 2021 

Monitoring Ireland's Skills Supply 2021 - Annual Report

15th report produced by the SLMRU which monitors the supply of skills to the labour market from Ireland's education and training system.

16 December 2021 

Generation Apprenticeship - Employer of the Year 2021

The awards showcase the talent and energy of Ireland’s thriving apprenticeship employer sector.

15 December 2021