Difficult to Fill Vacancies - Survey Published

18 January 2022 

The survey conducted in October 2021 gathered the views of selected Irish recruitment agencies in respect of occupations that require skills which are in short supply, and in their view, are proving difficult to fill.

Some of the key findings included:

  • continued demand for skills in sectors such as IT, Construction, Life Sciences, Health and Financial activities despite the significant difficulties faced by many in the irish labour market in 2021
  • increase in salary offered for 85% of the vacancies mentioned as difficult-to-fill reflecting how competitive the market is for these skills
  • energy and environmental engineering roles increasing due to the increase in demand for green sustainable energy in most sectors in Ireland
  • companies focused on retaining existing staff as well as hiring new employees

According to the agencies surveyed, the difficulties around hiring continue to remain the same for employers, with the location of the job (many candidates wanted the option of remote working), job security, salary, promotional prospects, upskilling and developmental opportunities all impacting on perceived job attractiveness.

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