Driving Recovery And Sustainable Growth 2021-2024

13 January 2021 



To support clients in embracing the future of work, IDA has for the first-time set an organisational target of 130 investments in training and upskilling. Internal staff training is the top ranked way in which clients are fulfilling their skills needs. These needs will intensify in the forthcoming period as technological advancement across all sectors changes the labour content of work, how people work, and the skills required by employees. IDA will therefore adopt a more strategic approach to supporting the upskilling needs of clients’ employees.


IDA will develop digital roadmaps for our sectors of focus and work with client companies to identify the investment and associated skills needed to enhance their digital and competitive capability. IDA has developed and will further refine our approach to training and upskilling investments and will put in place the necessary internal structures to support engagement with clients on this new area of focus. In recognition of the existing ecosystem already in place, IDA will endeavour to deepen our collaboration with education and training providers.


We will continue to actively participate in the Regional Skills Fora, which provide a single point of contact in each region of the country for employers to connect and collaborate with the education and training providers as they seek to address emerging skills needs. IDA will engage with clients and the Regional Skills Fora to enhance this collaboration, particularly in the mapping of the existing skills base of clients with the skills they will require to compete and succeed in the future. We also partner with clients on customised training programmes that support the continued success of their Irish operation within the wider global group, such as the‘Leading with Strategic Intent’ programme for senior leadership teams in FDI subsidiaries developed in partnership with the Irish Management Institute. IDA will also examine potential new sources of EU funding to support clients in the enhancement of their digital capabilities.

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