EGFSN Report - Skills for Zero Carbon

24 November 2021 


This report was developed in the context of the need to urgently accelerate the transition to a Zero Carbon Economy, as reflected in the binding targets for emissions reduction over the next decade, and ultimately, carbon neutrality by 2050. In Ireland this will be driven by the Government’s Climate Action Plan and the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act, which seeks to achieve steep reductions in Ireland’s carbon emissions by 2030.

The report advises on the nature and quantity of the skills required by these Zero Carbon sectors over the next decade, and will help inform the broader response put in place in order to deliver on the targets set for renewable energy generation, built environment energy efficiency and sustainable transport.

The report also outlines recommendations for consideration with regard to the overall delivery of the Climate Action Plan in that 10-year timeframe.

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5119-dete-egfsn-skills-for-zero-carbon-web.pdf (size 3.1 MB)