National Skills Council holds extraordinary meeting with the OECD

8 March 2022 

The National Skills Council is today beginning an extraordinary meeting with the OECD and other key stakeholders to discuss some of the skills challenges facing the country.

The project will analyse how well Ireland is equipped to meet current and future skills needs.  The two-day event is the first in a series of structured events this year which will see key stakeholders examine, and contribute to, the ongoing OECD Skills Strategy, which was launched by Minister Simon Harris in Paris last November.

Minister Harris said: “Skills policy is an area of enormous importance, informing how people in Ireland live, work, learn and thrive.  Our work with the OECD through the Skills Strategy Project allows for an examination of our Skills Strategy and approach in order to ensure that we have a solid foundation on which to build Ireland’s competitiveness and support future economic and social sustainability through an ambitious and comprehensive approach to skills, talent and human capital development.”

Some of the core challenges examined over the two day session will include:

 Ireland’s supply of skills and our advantage in the global war for talent,  including  issues around labour shortages and access to a skilled workforce;

  • Lifelong Learning, in particular engagement of vulnerable groups,  and embedding a culture of learning in the workplace;
  • Ensuring Ireland has the best possible, most agile,  responsive and joined up skills ecosystem; and an appropriate balance in the skills system;
  •  The importance of partnership approaches, and basing our policy on evidence, insights and data from a range of stakeholders;
  • Access to tertiary education.

Stakeholders who are not engaged through the National Skills Council or Regional Skills Foras will now be given an opportunity to shape the OECD Skills Strategy for Ireland. Three surveys will be conducted in 2022 for the Scoping, Assessment and Recommendations phases, respectively.

You can access the first survey now by clicking here