Solas Lifelong Learning Report 2020

27 May 2021 



Lifelong learning lies at the heart of Ireland’s and the EU’s education/training policy and is acknowledged as being vital for sustainable economic growth, the restoration of employment,and fostering social cohesion. This recognition of the importance of lifelong learning is reflected in the targets set both nationally and at EU level for lifelong learning participation. Ireland’s National Skills Strategy set a lifelong learning target of10% to be reached by the year 2020 and 15% by 2025. The target set by the EU was 15% for the year 2020.


Currently, lifelong learning is measured in both Ireland and the EU by using the Labour Force Survey (LFS) to calculate the share of adults aged 25-64 who had engaged in formal and/or non-formal learning in the preceding four weeks. However, revised targets set out in the updated European Skills Agenda (July 2020) require a measure that will look at adult engagement in learning activities in the preceding 12 months.Changes to the LFS will capture this change for 2021 onwards.


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